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Research is our culture

Funding Projects
Exchange Program

This is essentially carrying out research to find newer solutions for generic problems in the field of interest to research scholars/faculty members and this generally leads to the awarding of a Ph.D. degree. JNTUK has recognized ECE department as Research Centre for carrying out research leading research degrees.

Besides enhancing the outlook of faculty members and the institution, such research also provides knowledge base with which they can take up applied research of current relevance to our industry. During the academic year 2019 – 2020, 06 faculty members were pursuing their research leading to PhD.

Ramachandra College of Engineering is proud to share that it is one of very few institutions across India to have been selected for New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NewGen IEDC) in the year 2016. We are filling patents through NewGen IEDC.

Using E-Resources to reach every student

Video Lectures

A digital library is a collection of documents in organized electronic form, available on the Internet or on CD-ROM (compact-disk read-only memory) disks. Depending on the specific library, a user may be able to access magazine articles, books, papers, images, sound files, and videos.

Ramachandra College of Engineering digital library is high speed Internet connection and access to on-line Journals is a shot in the arm for the students preparing for competitive exams like GATE, GRE, CAT and TOEFL besides collecting and compiling material for paper presentation, seminar etc. The Surveillance system with its randomly timed video footing helps to control pilferage of library resources. Multimedia systems have been installed in the library to enable learning through digital resources like CDs, Internet etc. More than 3000 multimedia CDs are made available for easy reference.

Our Values

At the Ramachandra College of Engineering Digital Library, we are passionate in our belief that the library, in all its forms, is critically important to the vital work of students, scholars and the faculty. As a digital library we embrace the values of innovation, collaboration and the power of the network

Rules & Regulations

  • Identity Card must be presented before using the Digital Library facility.
  • The use of the Digital Library Facility is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Maximum use of Digital Library Facility to UG Students is 1 hour/day and PG Students is 2 hours/day.
  • Silence shall be observed at all times. Loud conversations and rude behavior inside the Digital Library will not be tolerated.
  • Chewing of gums and eating/drinking inside the Digital Library are not allowed.
  • Recreational activities like playing games, audio/video streaming, online chatting and accessing social networking sites are prohibited. Downloading, installing and running of software other than those already installed on the computer stations are not allowed.
  • Downloading and accessing/opening of pornographic sites and materials are not allowed.
  • Illegal/Unlawful activities such as (but not limited to) hacking, deleting of files, changing/tweaking of system configurations/passwords resulting to damage of systems and networks are prohibited.
  • Users may not tamper with any equipment inside the facility, specially the computer units. In case of hardware/software problems, ask assistance from the staff on duty.
  • Use of Mobiles is strictly prohibited inside the library premises.
  • The Digital Library staff on duty has the right to request the user to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of these rules.
  • Please co-operate with Digital library Staff.


Innovations by Faculty in Teaching and Learning Process

Use of modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, Interactive boards with wireless pad, Document camera, Interactive panel, Internet enabled computer systems, Wi-Fi enabled laptops are usually employed in classrooms and other student learning environments. Expert video subject lectures delivered by the various eminent resource persons are available in the digital library and it facilitates the faculty and students to utilize E-Tutorials of NPTEL, access E-Journals, Video Conference room, etc. Faculty members use visual library, digital library and other Open Source platforms to make the subject easy to understand. A copy of e – learning material is kept in individual department and in digital library. Video conferencing (or video conference) means are used to have conversation between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Webinars are organized by the faculties for students to give them information on latest trends in market and entrepreneurship. The faculty members are encouraged to participate in short term courses, staff development programs and workshops on advanced topics to keep pace with the advanced level of knowledge and skills. Over the past years the faculties have been participating /presenting papers in national/international conferences and publish their articles in national/international journals to enrich their knowledge. The lesson module materials prepared by the faculties are available in college website as well as digital library to benefit the students.

The following are different teaching methodologies that we practised and get good results

1. Multimedia Tools

Incorporate audio-visual materials in your sessions. Supplement text books with models, filmstrips, movies and pictorial material. Use info graphics or other mind mapping and brain mapping tools that will help their imagination thrive and grow. These methods will not only develop their ability to listen, but will also help them understand the concepts better. There are a lot of smart apps for preschoolers that you can utilize to create awesome slideshows or presentations.

 Tools  Methods  Metaphor
 Power Point Presentation by referring E-learning videos  Easy to prepare and it can be prepared with many of the popular multimedia techniques.  Slide based
Adobe Acrobat Reader Easy to prepare and with word documents if u have Acrobat Reader 5 with many popular multimedia elements like graphs sound and charts Book based
Smart Class Room Teaching through Smart boards Interactive based
Demonstration Videos and Lectures Easy to prepare and download Web Based learning

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Multimedia Tools
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2. “Real-World” Learning

Link our lessons to real world learning. Infusing real world experiences into your instructions will make teaching moments fresh and enrich classroom learning. Relating and demonstrating through real life situations, will make the material easy to understand and easy to learn. It will spark their interest and get the students excited and involved. You can make use of smart apps for preschoolers to make these sessions all the more interesting.

3. Brainstorm

Make time for brainstorming sessions into our classrooms. These sessions are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. When you have multiple brains focusing on one single idea, you are sure to get numerous ideas and will also involve everyone into the discussion. These sessions will be a great platform for students to voice their thoughts without having to worry about right or wrong. Set some ground rules before you start. You can go for simple brainstorming or group brainstorming or paired brainstorming.

4. Seminars

Students give seminars on different topics. It is a great way to make students step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills. This seminars approach will help the student understand how the academic material will be relevant to his everyday tasks.

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5. Welcome New Ideas

An open- minded attitude can help you innovating new teaching methods. Though open- minded, sometimes most of us show reluctance to new ideas. If you’re a teacher never do this, always try to accept new ideas even if it looks like strange at the beginning.

NewIdeas and Projects
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6. Work Together As a Team

As everyone knows, the end result of collaborative efforts is always immense. Think about spending some quality time with your colleagues. Ask them to share their views on improving teaching methods, you can see many of them come up with interesting strategies. So, collaborate and introduce innovative teaching methods.

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